E-Bike is a really good motorcycle

E-Bike flew to many customers with the momentum overtaking flying birds recently.

Until recently, I was told an electric assisted bicycle, but recently I started to be called e-bike.

There are a lot of cool designs and excellent performance.

Especially, it is handled by Brotures, not only design, as well as design.

There is a suspension before and after to absorb the impact during driving,

The handle has a transmission separately from the display that adjusts the assist level,

You can change the weight of the pedal smoothly when driving.

Thanks to that, even if the comfort of a comfortable pedal during assist, even if the charging has expired,

You can step on the pedal lightly, so you can ride with confidence.

Even when the charging has expired, the matE can run 80km by full charge, so

Unless you forget to charge, I don't think it will be cut when driving.

It looks like this, but by folding the body, handle, and pedal, it becomes compact and stored,

It is convenient when carrying, and you can carry it to the coming season camps and outdoors.

As shown in the photo, Brotures can also customize Mate, so

By customizing your favorite colors and designs, such as handles and pedals,

There is no doubt that it will be a more important and thoughtful body.

After all, it is important to enjoy riding and enjoy custom vehicles.

Of course, please leave the maintenance of the important car body to Brotures.


Some popular colors, which were sold out until the other day, will be restocked.

There are three colors to be restocked.

Mate X 250 SUBDUED BLACK ¥ 330,000-tax included

Purchase by phone

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Mate X 250 Dusty Army ¥ 330,000-tax included

Purchase by phone

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Mate X 250 Sterling Moss ¥ 330,000-tax included

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email

The arrival of three colors, which has been quickly lost in stock, will be in stock.

If you are currently looking for Mate and are looking for the above color, this is a great chance.

BROTURES Harajuku also has a test ride, so please feel free to take a look.

Since there is no prospect of restocking after this, we look forward to your contact as soon as possible.

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