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This is YUSUKE, the manager.

Car, motorcycle, cooking, old clothes, snow, camping, ...

I am proud that I have a lot of hobbies, but my best hobby is travel. And I like a slightly harsh trip.

And I went to Miyazaki at Delica D5 recently obtained, and last week I went to Aomori.

No, it's good. Dieselvan. I ran 6-7000km in a month, but D5 has a cool face.

Power ◎ Fuel efficiency ◎ 4WD, so on bad roads ◎ Easy to stay in the car.

If you compare it with a power professional, Matsui Matsuo. It was too versatile and I got one that was so addicted to my lifestyle.

You can enjoy the cityscape of each prefecture rather than going by plane, and the sense of accomplishment when you arrive is incomparable with airplanes and Shinkansen.

So today, I would like to introduce the best 3 if you travel here as a result of traveling with such a hobby.

Is there a local or a place you've been to?

3rd place Shonan 134

I'm sorry, I was almost local, so I was hiking. smile

Needless to say, Shonan is a tourist destination in the Kanto region. If it is the same generation, it is a slam dunk. The rest is Shogen. smile

There are a lot of cafes like that, so you can take a break, and you can enjoy both marine sports and fixes.

Prosmelute eats curry at Spice Tree in Zushi (Maton Keema is the best) for a break at Double Dousez in Shichirigahama

Ramen of 〆 in Hiratsuka's Laochan. This is the best.

The precautions when running, but basically the wind is strong and the sand can fly firmly. smile

When driving, run while paying attention to the sand piled up on the shoulder, and sunglasses are essential. Don't forget to clean the chain after driving.

2nd place Nichinan coast

This is Miyazaki who is deep and thoughtful.

After all, Miyazaki dialect gets excited. Nichinan time is the best that is not frustrated.

Among them, the Nichinan coast is famous as a drive course.

There is a theory that palm trees can be established just by having it. It raises your mood.

The palm tree in Miyazaki is a variety called Phoenix, standing not only in Nichinan but also in the town.

There is a distance from the city to Nichinan, and it is far away, so you can enjoy it only in the city.

The atmosphere is ◎ even if you go to Sea Gaia.

And after all, the recommendation lunch is Ogura Nanban and Masumoto's spicy noodles.

Miyazaki is just really delicious things, so if you get a fix, please try it.

1st place Hakodate

I feel like I was introduced to BROTURES blog before, but ...

Hakodate in Japanese San Francisco, named without permission, is still the first place.

There are many slopes along Hakodate Mountain, reminiscent of the authentic science fiction of a fixie bike, or just as it is.

It has a considerable slope and has a cobblestone road surface, so it is for super advanced users depending on the location.

However, while looking down at Hakodate Port, we go down the slope by skid. If you are riding a fixed gearpist, please taste it once.

Now that traveling abroad is difficult in Corona, if you want to experience a real piste bike, you will come to Hakodate and your dream will come true.

After all, the recommendation lunch is Hasegawa Store Yakitori Bento or Lucky Piero Chinese Chicken Burger.

Speaking of Hokkaido, I would like to say that seafood is seafood. smile

I feel attractive for the taste that can only be eaten in the land.

Well, is it like this? smile

This time, I had a strong hiki with my personal thoughts, but if I got a fixie at BROTURES, please go by all means.

I introduced a city.

There are many other places I want to introduce, Sendai, Kobe, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, but if there is demand, next time.

It's the best season to enjoy a bicycle now, so take this opportunity to go out with a fixie bike.



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