Reasonable fixes are restocked!

Today is the introduction of a motorcycle that I would like to recommend for those who are considering the first piste bike.
It is one of the simple, reasonable, and the charm of the piste.

Local Bikes Metro Complete Bike

There is no unnecessary decoration, and a bike with the minimum function as a bicycle.
Therefore, it is a pisto where you can add as you like as you like.

Such METRO has been restocked in each color and each size!

Matte black


Blue gray

Because it is a wide range of sizes from XS to L, it is an easy -to -ride piste bike for young and old.
Why don't you customize it to your liking?

Local Bikes Metro "Encore Custom"

Local Bikes Metro "SHRED88 Custom"

Local Bikes Metro "for every day"

It is a very excellent fixie bike as a custom base.
It's a pleasant season for bicycles.
Why don't you see this one with this one and a fixie bike?


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