Hanamaru Mate X

Yesterday, I visited the magic spice in Shimokitazawa.
After all soup curry is good.
The feeling of getting the earth is amazing with plenty of vegetables.

Apparently, I used to work for a soup curry shop in the past. This is Miya.



By the way, the Kagero 10th anniversary model is launched from Tyrant,
BROTURES is quite exciting! !

However, the introduction of the body that I am worried about is "after tomorrow", so
I'll leave it next to it today.
Please look forward to tomorrow's blog.


So today is a quiet introduction of custom bikes!

Mate X 250 "Hi-Speed" Custom ¥ 345,400 (Tax in)

Popular Mate X Jet Gray.
This time, I simply customized only the tires!


Thailand is from Bangkok's tire brand "VEE BIKES CO"
High -spec guys that also support Mate X's fat tire standard are available.

First of all, this side skin is too cool.
The clean impression of white is a nice design that is too highly compatible with Mate's modern design.

Compared to genuine tires,
Because the rugged block is gone, it looks like it looks refreshing.

The important tread pattern is also quite cool.

This characteristic honeycomb structure center red minimizes frictional resistance and greatly increases the rotation speed.
Large diamond -type side knobs show outstanding grip performance with cornering.

Mate X is the biggest feature of being able to run off -road.
This specification is quite attractive for those who are used only to urban areas by commuting! !



Mate X is about six months since its release.
If you are riding a pounding, please check the tire condition once at this time.

Genuine block tires are of course cool,
If you want to change your mood a little, this custom tire is also highly recommended.

Because of the lack of supply worldwide, the stock is limited.
If you wish, please contact us as soon as possible.

Also, everyone who has already booked the car body,
We apologize for the long -awaited waiting for a long time.
We all work for the staff so that we can prepare as soon as possible.
Please wait for a while until delivery.
I'm sorry, but thank you.


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