A little different 735

Hello, this is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku!

Was all the earthquakes all okay last night? This morning, due to the influence of last night, the number of trains has decreased depending on the station.

I think some people had a busy day, such as a place where admission was limited until they entered the platform.

I myself got on the fix by commuting, and when I crossed the nearest station, I was surprised to see the people overflowing from the station.

Once again, I realized that the reassuring means of transportation was a bicycle.

Well, aside from such a story, I would like you to refer to those who are looking for a fixie bike and those who are already riding today.

We have created a custom car body, so we will introduce it!


Leader® 735TR completed car ¥ 203,500-tax included

Leader® 735TR F/R Wheel Custom ¥ 407,440-Tax included

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First of all, please look at the whole picture of the custom vehicle.

It has been a long time since the 735TR WHITE, but personally, Leader®︎ is more WHITE than BLACK. smile

The beautiful gloss that attracts WHITE's view that is not found in BLACK is the finest finish that creates an adult atmosphere.

It is a glossy frame that does not fade for many years.


Next, please enjoy the main custom before and after wheels.

Colima 3spoke HM Front Tu ¥ 135,300-Tax included

BROTURES SHRED60 WHEEL REAR ¥ 59,400-Tax included

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Crank and wheels, which are pisted flower custom parts.

The 735TR is already equipped with a VISION direct crank with a crank with a top -notch racer specification.

One of the attractions is that you can customize other parts without custom here.

The first thing that is the theme of this time is "sticking" before and after carbon wheels first.

Of course, the baton wheels of the BROTURES product are good, but if you are concerned,

I do it, I feel so comfortable that I don't want to stop once I start running, ceramic speed

3 baton of Colima with bearing is good.

REAR adopts a low rim hat shred60, and it will be blown in the future,

I tried to make it difficult to be fueled by the cold breeze unique to autumn.

Personally, I sometimes wanted to get the height of Rear closer to Colima's rim hats rather than the wind.

The next part is a saddle!

FIZIK VERSUS EVO ARIONE 00 Carbon Rail ¥ 37,400-Tax included

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A saddle with a top ranking of the parts ranking with few people.

This is also personally, but I think that the saddle is the best to decide the coolness of the fix.

For example, the BROOKS saddle used by many pisto users changes the leather in a good way.

It is difficult to see from people because the whole fix is ​​completed after the taste comes out and the whole pist is completed or sitting.

I guess the coolness of coolness will be clear depending on the saddle.

This time, as an option to make the lacy look more prominent with a 735TR aero shape,

I set Fizik Versus Evo Arione 00.

The light weight of the carbon rail specifications and the seats that are separated in the middle reduce the stuffy buttocks at the time of ride.

This is the one -of -a -kind saddle this fall, with many people like this saddle in both rabbits and horns!


The last is a pedal.

MKS × MASH STREAM ¥ 5,060-tax included

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The last part is a pedal.

The only pedal part that conveys the power to the body.

It is important how to convey your power in order to move the body.

Above all, the pedal of Mikashima is a pedal brand that did not say.

Mks (Migashima) and this piston born in the San Francisco born in MKS (Migashima), which creates high quality pedals

This time, we use the pedal that fulfilled the collaboration with Mash, and take into account the compatibility with the genuine drop handle.

It was made to toe clip specifications.


How was this custom car body?

If you are still concerned, I will be careful, but today I customized the saddles and pedals.

Because it is a small part that is quite custom, it can be a difference, so

If you have a custom rut, please refer to it!

We look forward to your visit and consultation.



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