Adult choice.

Apparently, most of the Kichijoji store staff hit the Chinese lunch that I ate yesterday noon.
I'm at a level that makes me sway with abdominal pain as I do one action.
It was painful ~

This is Miya.

By the way, the "man who understands the difference" is Nescafe Gold Blend.

With various experiences, you can understand the quality of things,
It's nice to be able to make an "adult choice".

Until you reach fashion, orientation, music and art sensitivity
The desire to improve the sense is dignity given only to humans in mammals.

And dare from the bicycle with as many stars
Those who have chosen or are interested in the model called "Pist" are already at that point
A minority in a good way that protrudes from the magician of the bicycle.

Yes, isn't it an "adult who understands the difference?"

It has become longer
Today, I would like to introduce one that I want to straddle for such core customer.

Tyrant Bikes Kagero2021 Metal Black
Custom bike

¥ 438,000 (+tax)

Heavy feeling, power, luxury, etc.
A dream body packed with plenty of elements that a man longs for.
Speaking of it Leader 735TR

The crew who has straddled such a Leader
This Kagero was designed and developed from a more realistic rider's perspective.

The lightest class as an aluminum frame,
Pashute geometry close to THE CURE,
A bold scoopout that inherits the lineage of Leader
An exquisite sense of balance that goes along the medium road with a large -diameter of aluminum.

And it is full of different charms from 735.

In particular, this METAL BLACK in 2021 color is
It is a valuable "gloss finish black"
And combined with "gold" that is not found in other brands,
The high design is attractive.

The coloring as if giving the light of one Article to the street where evil spirits are rampant
A truly adult one with a strict atmosphere that is correct to read "gold = konjiki".

Such KGAERO, customized content this time is as follows.

Just arrived the other dayThomson Carbon Riser Bar
Install this immediately.

The assemble of the cockpit is a tight finish as you can see.

Select the seat post without a setback
Geometry of Pashute A stance of aggressive pushing to push further.

The saddle is a lightweight and comfortable carbon rail.

Vertex "GOLD" Chain that matches the coloring of the frame creates a sense of unity.
It was finished in the details that had no compromise.

Please also see the details of other detailed details from the slider on the page top.

Above, the only existence of the standard color silver, the one and one.
Isn't it the best choice for adults who understand the difference?

In addition, since it will be the color of the season, whether there will be additional production next time because of the blank paper.
If you are worried, it is good to hold down the frame alone while there is stock.

Please feel free to contact us for size selection and custom consultation!

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