That masterpiece changes in the impact.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

I am always worried about recent parts difficulties. It's an era when you can't get what you really want.

Most of them are overseas brands, but Japanese brands are actually quite like that.

Depending on the Nitto, it seems that there are some years and a half waiting from the order.

And a little new information about "SUGINO" is one of the difficult components brands.

Today I'm going to blog about it. This is a must check.

The first is that several types of cranks arrived at once.

The classic SUGINO 75 black has arrived after a long time, and two affordable crank set Criterium came in.

And recently, some SG75 DD2, which have gradually used, are also included.

All are first -class products and the quality is high. And now the production is quite delayed due to the influence of Corona.

If you bring it, it's a lifelong part, so I think it's a good part.

And another serious information is revised the price. I think this is more important for buyers.

But honestly, it is quite a shocking information for our seller. 。

A little change is still acceptable, but this time it wasn't really acceptable when I tried it.

The price revision amount will be placed while introducing it in the photo, so if you are considering purchasing it, check it out.

But I will have no choice but to buy it at this price.

SUGINO 75 Crank (single)

Silver ¥ 37,400-INTAX → ¥ 45,100-INTAX

Black ¥ 39,600-INTAX → 47,300-INTAX

SUGINO CBB-SG75 BB ¥ 11,440-INTAX → ¥ 13,640-INTAX

SUGINO SG75 NJS BB ¥ 19,360-INTAX → ¥ 21,670-INTAX

Sugino 75 Criterium Crank Set

Black only ¥ 60,500-INTAX → ¥ 71,500-INTAX

SG75 DD2 Crank Set

SILVER 44T ~ 55T ¥ 85,800 ~ ¥ 95,700-INTAX → ¥ 99,000 ~ ¥ 110,000-INTAX

BLACK 44T ~ 55T ¥ 89,100 ~ ¥ 99,000-INTAX → ¥ 102,300 ~ ¥ 113,300-INTAX

In addition, the price of SUGINO parts has been revised overall.

If you have something you want in a chain ring, please contact the Instagram DM.

There are parts that are difficult to get out of your hands, but the quality is guaranteed, so if you want to use "good things" without worrying about the price.

SUGINO is a brand you want to choose.

We have uploaded a video about the same content on YouTube today.

Please check that too!


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