Memories of and black label.

Beer likes Sapporo. I am a bad manner, so please give it to the customer, what a good idea. Of course it's half a joke. But on the day I came to the case, I thought this person was really serious. I carry 500 cases with one arm. It is a memory of Osaka that I wanted to be such an adult.

I received a request for a spray bike from such a memorable customer, so I was willing to apply it. The fork is "Blackfriars", The frame "Humber"Based on it, just from above"Copper"Splash. It is a masterpiece made with a broom and chopsticks to give to tools in order to get the size of the grain of the image. FinishTransparent Finish "Satin/Gloss"and.

The assembly is at the Osaka store. The photo I asked Narumi arrived. Yeah. Something is amazing. The feeling that I can't understand anyone anymore is very good.

It is a spray bike that I started in half after returning to Yokohama, but I would be glad if I could order from customers in Osaka like this. It is good to do it in addition to the overhaul. If you are far away, please contact us.

[What is Spray? Bike/spray bike? ]

Recently, I often like barley shochu. Thank you.


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