Thomson is partially restocked.

The popular Thomson, which is a popular part of high -precision, will be restocked.
An attractive brand with certain quality, beautiful finish, and cospa that is not proportional to technology.
Tough and simple Thomson products are perfect for custom bikes.

This time, the representative seat post and stem will be available.
Both are important parts that support the cockpit and determine the position.
If you have any trouble, you want to have the same brand.

Thomson Elite X4 STEM BLACK

This X4 holds the handle firmly with 4 bolts.
It is a stem that responds to the riding of hard fixes with a sense of security.
I personally like the 0 ° messenger -like feeling.

Thomson Elite SeatPost Straight

The seat post is only 31.6mm in stock this time.
So -called oversized for Kagero, 721TR, VIGORELLI, etc.
When the periphery of the bicycle becomes lighter, it may be easier to shake the body with dancing.

By the way, the long -awaited carbon seat post will be available.
Many people have been waiting for this.
This is 27.2mm and 31.6mm, so please choose according to the size of your car.

Thomson Masterpiece C ¥ 34,100-

Due to the influence of Corona, the production of any brand is still unstable.
This time is rare that you can buy it when you want.
It is good to secure it in stock, even if you make various schedules ahead.


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