Is E-Bike the same as everyone?

The reason why we recommend a fixie bike is, that is, custom.
Even though each person has a different lifestyle, everyone should have a similar completed car.
I think that you should also fit your motorcycle according to the owner's style and hobbies and preferences to wear your favorite clothes.

Then, it is an ant to try E-Bike, which has recently been talked about, in such a custom.

Super73 SG1 "Black Custom"

One more rugged and SUPER73.
It is a brand with a mini bike of the 70's as a motif, so while leaving that taste
We were particular about the details and customized.

The saddle is an MGB cafe racer sheet.
This is cool and easy to sit. It is an item that you want to customize with a mast.

Valut of DMR on the pedal.
The sandblasted body matches the design of the frame.
Of course, there is a sense of stability and it is easy to step on. Above all, it is excellent in toughness.

DMR Vault Pedal

The chain is a gold that shines casually.
Isn't the modest sexy?
Bells also gave the accessories a sense of unity.

As you may have noticed, this time I have removed the genuine fender.
I personally like this and I like it.
Custom is even more interesting if you can subtract not only addition.
Of course, the fender can be handed over, and it can be attached from the beginning.
We will prepare it according to your request.

E-Bike is still developing.
There are no troublesome rules or rules.
That's because you are going to make it.


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