The wound is a medal

We have you summarized the exciting requests here.
This time is the so -called busy season.
As for the new car consultation, the repair and assembly of the bicycle you bring.

I want to maintain a motorcycle that I haven't been riding for a long time and ride again.
I want you to assemble the frame.

There are many bicycles that are a case -by -case case and not handled by BROTURES.
But this is really fun.
The work of a motorcycle that is not usually touched is exciting and naturally heated.

This time, we brought in the Vivalo frame.
I had a friend gave up the frame so that I could ride it.

While choosing simple and affordable parts, it is a nice bike with a stylish accent in some places.
Such a bicycle race frame requires a device to attach the brake, or the standard is special, so be careful when choosing parts.

The logo was peeled off and there were many scratches, but it was still active.
Conversely, it has a unique atmosphere or charm not found in a new car.
I like steel bikes because I can ride for a long time in many ways.
It's hard to get a cool bicycle when it's old.

If you have a frame or parts, please bring it in.
We will propose according to your budget and style.

Is there a motorcycle that has become a garage fertilizer?
I've been sorry for a long time, but it's such a time, so I'm going to ride a bicycle again.
yeah yeah. I think it's good.
Please contact us in such a case.

That's exactly what this GT is.
"Feeling at that time" is scented.
I want to have a little more loose relationship, unlike when I was raising the fever on a fixie bike.

For the time being, wash out parts that need to be replaced due to deterioration in the overhaul and wash the frame.
I like overhauling work.
It seems that we do not work in the same process as one, and the wounds and their habits tell the owner of bicycles.

"Overhauled bicycles are worth more than new cars."

Junki wrote such a blog before, but that's really it.
Ride a long -lasting motorcycle.
We will help you to get along with your bicycle with a comfortable distance of each person.


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