Simple IS best "Metro"


In today's blog, the star -like presence of a piste bike completed car that can be purchased within 100,000 "LOCAL BIKES METRO"

It is an introduction!

The riser bar is set from the state of the finished car, it is quite easy to ride from the beginning, it looks simple and cool.

In this custom, I finished it with a simpler look!

If you are considering a piste bike from now on, please refer to it!

・ LOCAL BIKES METRO completed car ¥ 74,800 (in tax)

The above is the state of the finished car!

The color development is "Black" "Blue Gray" "Grafite"!

The color used this time is "Grafite"! !

Using silver parts, etc., it gives a mature atmosphere!

Click here for parts!

Handle RITCHEY ¥ 4,180 (in tax)

Stem Ritchey ¥ 9,900 (in tax)

Saddle Fabric Race ¥ 14,300 (in tax)

・ Local Bikes Metro Custom Bike ¥ 103,180 (in Tax)

I assembled it like this!

Riser bars look simpler by using "flat" items without height!

Because there is no height, it is easier to get long distance and speed as you tilt forward!

And by putting silver parts casually, the atmosphere was beautiful!

Even with a small custom like this time, the atmosphere changes considerably compared to the state of the completed car!

If it is such a custom, the price will not change much, so it is recommended for the first custom!

Please take a look!

Ayumu the daddy.

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