Immediate delivery body, very small!

"", which has been contacted every day since landing in Japan

Not only that, "e-bike" including Super73 is the hottest topic right now.

-------------------------------------- has just arrived, but depending on the color, it has already been sold out.

The body that can be selected every day is decreasing.

If you are considering, please contact us as soon as possible.

In addition, there are many among such consultations.

"Can you get back today?"

In response to such requests, there are some colors and numbers, but we have some of the Harajuku store!

Well, everyone wants to embark immediately when they think "I want".


As the demand for bicycles was growing and the schedule was overcrowded, in fact, we were sewing in the middle and preparing secretly.

Not only, but also SUPER73 is preparing an immediate delivery body, so it is first come, first served.

Mate X 250 ¥ 330,000 -intax

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email


Super73 SG-1 ¥ 385,000 -INTAX

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email


Of course, it is also possible to test drive at the store, so if you wish, please feel free to tell us.

We look forward to your consultation.

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