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If you are a photographer, I like Masatoshi Nakano.

Good evening!
This is Miya, who is stuck in TOKYO NOBODY.

By the way, the first epidemic of the fixie is about 10 years ago.
At that time, as it is now, "The latest overseas truck frame is riding on the city"
There is no high specification or luxury

(I can't say the right thing because I haven't experienced that era)
The modified short handle no brake style is dominant. It seems to have done.

And from the peak of the piste, from the long time to today,
DNA that has been passed down to Japan


It is a word that is often used in the article here
Once again, NJS is a story.
If you google for the time being

NJS(Japan Bicycle Promotion Association) It is a part made in accordance with the standards set. In the bicycle racing industry, everything from frames to parts so that the competition can be performed safely without fraudNJSYou have to use the certified one. Clearing this harsh standardNJSParts are high quality and exceptional parts worldwide. "

There is. As expected, Google teacher.

Supplementally, that is such a "standard".
In other words, there is also a "NJS frame" as there are "NJS parts". It's important here.

In the NJS certified workshop, the frame that is carefully made by hand one by one
Super lightweight, despite the chromoly material that is generally heavy.
In addition, the rug (design of the welding part) where each builder has its own commitment
The beauty of the details is also a first -class product.

(Reference video is a NJS certified workshop, and "Tsuruoka Racing" in Saitama, which is always taken care of by BROTURES in terms of technical side).

I'm still a young man, but honestly this area is cool and attractive.
I think it's a mild illness. (In a good way)
"Bicycle disease"? "Pist disease"? Is it?

It's been a long time, but today it's good news for everyone who developed such a "piste disease".

[USED] BRIDGESTONE Anchor Custom Bike ¥ 401,000 (Intax)

I tried to assemble one with the NJS frame.

Needless to say, it's so cool.
It may be the most recommended car body at the store now.

This is the shoulder of the fork.

Like a seat clamp with a frame.
The seam part is still beautiful without compromise.
This is already that,"art"

BROTURES SHRED60 CARBON WHEEL F/¥ 55,000 (Intax) R/60,500 (Intax)

SUGINO SG75 CRANK ¥ 39,600 (Intax)

Digirit Chainring 3K ¥ 22,900 (Intax)

Digirit Digiriit Carbon COG ¥ 8,800 (Intax)

And this time, taking advantage of the lightness of the frame, luxurious front and rear carbon wheels
In addition, the drive train is also available in carbon parts before and after.

7.8kg in the state of the photo.

Most of the impressions that ordinary chromoly frames are heavy, contrary to their appearance.
With NJS frame, and this combination, you should feel the lightness as you look.
"It looks like" is a boring sound,
It's a sober thing on a bicycle.

Custom parts, others

・ Thomson Elite SeatPost Strait ¥ 12,100 (Intax)

・ Fabric Scoop Race SADDLE ¥ 14,300 (Intax)

・ HKK Vertex Track Racer Chain Silver ¥ 6,050 (Intax)

It is.
The small parts are also assembled with a very good mens.
Please check from the page top slider.

That's why I tried to build an NJS frame like a guerrilla.
In this area, there is no sign of recurrence in the neighborhood.

In the future, the Kichijoji store will increase the handling of NJS vehicles as introduced today.
The situation will be up soon.

Of course, I like today's custom! buy!
We look forward to hearing from you.

Then! !

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