Custom the SNOW with gold and silver.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Today, I would like to introduce LOPRO of the customer I was in charge of.

The base is Snow White, a custom that is unified with silver and gold overall.

I personally have a favorite combination, so I would like you to refer to it.

The wheel is a combination of the front and rear H Plus Son AT-25 × GRAN Compes Track Hub.

I often say on YouTube recently, but this combination is really expensive.

It's a good hub and a rigid rim, but you can build one with about ¥ 22,000.

There are several colors of hubs, so if you want to assemble, please contact us.

The handle is a bespoke Nitto riser bar "for shred bar"

This handle is also one of the most popular handles with an affordable shape.

This look that stretches out is good for the fabric.

The biggest commitment this time is the headset. Set a limited color gold of Chris King.

I thought that this is a gloss and beautiful coloring that suits any frame for this year's LOPRO.

I wanted to put it in the exhibition, so it was great to be able to assemble with this actual combination.

After all it looks good. Clikin headset is recommended because it can be used for a long time.

How was it.

I think it is well -balanced.

This is a custom that can be recommended for those who want to ride LOPRO by affordable because the total amount is not ¥ 300,000.

It would be nice to use this to your preference.

Frame: Affinity Lopro Frame Set 97,900-INTAX

Headset: CHRIS KING 1inch Nosh Redset ¥ 23,100-INTAX

Handle: Nitto for Shred Bar Silver ¥ 8,140-Intax

Grip: ESI Racers Edge Grip ¥ 2,310-INTAX

Stem: Ritchey C220 Silver Stem ¥ 9,900-INTAX

Crank: Blue Lug RMC Crank Set ¥ 16,280-INTAX

Rim: H Plus Son AT-25 RIM ¥ 8,800-INTAX



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