Goodbye tomorrow! Mate Pop UP omnibus!

Who said that the simple is vest?

Good evening!
Kichijoji is Miya, a simple man!

By the way, it is currently being held Pop Up BROTURES KICHIJOJI

From last Friday for 10 days
The eaves of the BROTURES Kichijoji store were always like this.
Is it an e-bike shop?

Such POP UP seems to be long and short
The last day will be held tomorrow.
Everyone who has visited our shop for the last 10 days
I'm really thankful to you.

And everyone who hasn't come yet
Please come tomorrow.

I don't know when the real thing will be seen on this scale in the West Tokyo area!
Don't miss this opportunity to get lost in raw.

That's why
Today, we deliver this period of walking with in an omnibus.
If you have an article you haven't read yet, please read it.

Experience at Kichijoji, next generation e-bike "Mate-X"

(3/24 update)

The Mate X 250, the first brand specification for the brand ( *), arrived at the Kichijoji store on the 24th of last month.
The cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

However, production and transportation are delayed due to the influence of Corona, and it is more than three months later than originally planned.
A truly unprecedented situation.
This body has finally arrived after overcoming various hardships.
That's why I was impressed.

On this day, I asked Ray's Young Gun and Ray to do a drive test.

* Assist maximum speed 24km / h, no throttle

For the future 100 years later.

(4/1 update)

Mate Bike became an ambassador
A special movie by actor Yosuke Kubozuka is also released.

Also, it is a time that touches the Mate backbone a little.

"Mate X" selected by color

(4/10 update)

With the POP UP held
We photographed the real things of each color that we have not seen yet.
To be honest, it was quite bones
Please take a closer look at the exquisite coloring that changes the appearance depending on the amount of light.

Have you ever seen this e-bike?

(4/13 updated)

I tried customizing the just arrived Mate.
It has a good reputation, and I have already ordered several items in this combination.

This custom looks cool, and the ride is dramatically better than it looks,
It is recommended by all means because it can be done relatively easily with the finished car+25,000 yen.

You're connected.

(4/14 updated)


Rather, it means that you can go anywhere with Mate.
Remove the boundary of "city-outdoors"
We propose the possibility of Mate that pushes the limits of lifestyle.

The "business trip test drive service" planned on this blog will be held tomorrow.
If you are worriedreservationI would like!

You can buy it all!

(4/16 updated)

Just because it is a high -spec bike that is at the forefront of the times is a reasonable price.

It's more safe than cheap ones that you can buy for tens of thousands of yen.
There are many people who say that the price is a bottleneck.

For such people, in some cases, rather than credit card splittingTens of thousands of yenGet advantageous
This is the introduction of "SMBC Shopping Shopping Loan".

How about that.
This half -month is not before
It was a very worthwhile period for me, who was a feature on
I hope that more people will be interested in Mate as much as possible.

In a sense, the culmination of the current situation, tomorrow
Mate Pop UP last day.
And the forecast is sunny!

Tomorrow is the highlight of 11 E-BIKEs,
We look forward to your visit.


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