What is it?

The only noodles won.

Good evening!
It's already a summer batter.

By the way, I was touching a little the other day
This monthNJS frame enhancement plan
Immediately, a large number of NJS frames arrived at Kichijoji store.

(With the car body that has already started exhibition, the frame to be assembled in the future)

The arrival of this time
Level / Panasonic / Baramon / Bridgestone
Six 4 manufacturers in total.

Everything is pretty cool.
Of course, it is all one point, and it is a product we met.

I will introduce today from such a thing

BARAMON (NJS) Custom Bike ¥ 382,500 (Intax)

"Baramon" is a phantom frame that Kyushu's frame builder, "Bicycle Studio Rose".
The owner Kodama is producing alone, and each point is exactly the art.

It is a workshop that represents Kyushu, which has a track record for professionals (bicycle racing players) and has many players to customers.

This time, it is unique to the Kichijoji store
The price is moderately reduced using USED parts.

NJS certified
[USED] "Nitto B125" Drop handle,
The stem is stable that does not impair the flavor of the fine flameTechnique stem

The head tube has a tribute to the Nagasaki rose kite pattern.
What a lovely design is unique and good.

The head parts are SHIMANO's highest grade, DURA-ACE.

The fork is Columbus Max Fork.
It is a very rare item in BROTURES,
This is a special fork that is also used by professionals and has both lightness and strength.

The rug "B" is an exquisite accent.

And here is the most noticeable thing in this frame
Seat stove bridge.

It is quite rare that the lag is applied here.
You can also feel his craftsmanship in these details.
What a wonderful job.

The undercarriage is especially luxurious.
BROTURES SHRED88 Rear Wheel ¥ 64,900 (Intax)

In the place where such a mechanical combination is surprisingly addictive
Look at the depth of the NJS frame. I feel like that.

And this time, this time, it is quite unique and high -spec.
It's a cool one!

By the way, what is "rose"?
Used in the Kyushu dialect, active ~/cheerful.
It comes from "Bakaru".

The emergency situation has reached the third time, and nowadays, we can get into the dark cloud again.
You can also enjoy "Bakara Ride" across this frame.

We've been in the shop from today, so if you are interested, please.
Distant people are also waiting for your inquiry.

In addition, we will introduce the remaining 5 units in order after tomorrow, so don't miss it! !


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