Mate City in my home

Mate was also introduced in my home. For bride. I moved to the house on the hill last year, but it would be convenient if I went to Yokado under the hill or an electric bicycle. Like.

I took a test drive for Panasonic and ordinary. It's practically enough, but it's pretty cute. I was worried that I could ride Mate in a size, but I was able to ride it surprisingly, so I decided to use it.

I decided on Mate, but I think it's big for her 143cm. Especially the handle is high. The brake lever is also large, so the operability is uneasy. I'm a chari shop, so if you buy it, it's severe to determine the items. Also, baskets are absolutely necessary, and tires, saddles and grips like finished cars are unpleasant. Anything you can get on, but I want to make it interesting. That's why the Mate City of the Sato family was like this.

The handle is a guy who doesn't understand something for motorcycles. The handle is just in front of the height, so it should be easier to ride and the appearance is Omoloi.

Surprisingly, it is difficult to attach the basket. There was no rack that was hooked, so I prepared a separate leg and installed it. GIZA and Adept parts are all applied to matte black. It's so annoying that I don't want to receive an order much.

After that, I feel like attaching a saddle or a nice part at hand.

If you imagine a bride who is shopping at Yokado on this, it will be good. I wanted to really want it, so I think he will ride firmly.

Mate City black has been missing all the time, but has resumed orders. One in the family. Please order at this time.


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