Discontinued, on sale for exhibition cars.

This Pelago is rarely seen in Japan.
A brand with the atmosphere of the Finnish designer brothers as the owner.

The fascinating design and philosophy that are particular about the details are attractive.
In fact, this San Sebastian, the only piste bike, will be out of print.
It's a pity that you can wear tires up to 35C, and it's just a frame with no decoration.

Pelago San Sebastian Outlet Bike
¥204,600- → ¥161,700-

Only this exhibition car is left next to the brot.
It is one that has worked hard at the store for a long time.
It is limited to this kind of thing, but let's give it a little cheaper.

It is a convenient one from commuting to daily outing.
The tires are 32c block tires for stability and light running performance.
It is a custom bike that makes you feel powerful while being simple.

The size is 51cm.
As a guide for height, is it about 160cm in the second half to the first half of 170cm?
It's my favorite bicycle. I hope you can meet a good relationship.


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