After-Purchase Support

Comprehensive Fixed Gear Bike Maintenance and Reliable After-Purchase Support

Purchased a fixed gear bike from BROTURES? We offer free initial maintenance, not because it’s complimentary, but because it’s absolutely essential. As you ride your new bike, parts will naturally 'wear in' or 'stretch'. This can lead to issues like wheel wobble or slack in chains and brakes, which need to be adjusted back to optimal conditions.

Although we try to minimize these effects when assembling the bike, they typically manifest after about a month of riding. Neglecting this maintenance could limit your bike’s performance and shorten the lifespan of its components.

The timing of initial maintenance coincides with you getting comfortable with your ride, making it the perfect opportunity to adjust for the best riding position and gear ratio. If you find the default settings a bit off – maybe the pedal feels heavy or you want a more upright posture – this is the time to make those changes.

We especially recommend looking at the drivetrain. Upgrading your gear ratio at this point can significantly enhance your riding experience. Fine-tuning can be tricky, so leave these adjustments to us.

Skipping this initial maintenance is not just a missed opportunity; it's frankly a loss. We emphasize that this service is free, so please feel free to request it.

Proper care can significantly improve the longevity and rideability of your beloved bike.