Custom Order

How to order a customized bike

The allure of a fixed gear bike often starts with its customizability.

The dream look, the ideal performance, the originality that sets it apart from standard road and cross bikes – it's no wonder many hearts are captivated by fixed gear bikes.

But diving into customization can seem daunting, especially when you're new and without knowledgeable friends in this niche area.

That's where we come in.

We understand not everyone can visit our store, so we've created an order form for custom bikes and wheels, allowing you to consult, get estimates, and place orders without needing to come in.

Feel free to reach out for custom bike consultations here.
Don’t worry about the specifics – a general idea is fine.
Whether you want an all-black look, something classic, or anything else,
just share your vision, and we'll suggest the best options for you.

Custom Bike Order Form

And then there’s the world of custom wheels, where many find themselves overwhelmed.
Hand-built wheels, known for their high degree of customization, can be both exciting and overwhelming.
Even a rough idea helps – whether you're looking for a certain style, lightweight, or sturdy wheels.
Feel free to use our service for casual inquiries about bike delivery times, prices, and more.

Custom Wheel Forms