Test Ride

Details on BROTURES' Test Ride Service

Fixed gear bikes are quite niche, and not many stores offer them.
Even those that do often relegate them to a small corner.


Curious about fixed gears but unsure if you can ride one?
Wondering what a fixed gear is or if they come with brakes?


If so, come to BROTURES.

We have a variety of popular fixed gear bikes available for test rides.

Feel free to come just for a test ride. You might find that a bike doesn't suit you or, conversely, you love it.
If you find it fun, we can even teach you some basic tricks right there!


We also welcome those who only want a quote, a trade-in, or even just to take a photo with a cool bike.
You can even try out our staff's bikes or the latest e-bikes.


If you're thinking about starting cycling but are still deciding, why not start with a test ride?
You can book a test ride through our SNS, email, or phone. Feel free to reach out to us.