Velobike Chain Tensioner


購入金額 (税込)
¥4,158 または ¥116/月、 36回払い


Velobike chain tensioner is designed to support wheels without impairing aircase and performance, and can perform the best performance.
 It has a thinner structure than a general chain tensioner, maximizing the meshing of the rear hub nut, preventing damage to the screws, and minimizing the aerodynamic resistance around the nut and the rear end.
Two screws are tightened with hands or hexagonal wrench. The multi -screw design also distributes the load evenly on the asymmetrical or rounded rear end contact surface like BT.

* Please make sure that the wheels are 26 mm or more from the center of the hub shaft to the end of the end.

〇 Contents: 1 piece *Sold separately. It's not a set.

〇Size 42mm (adjustable width) x 26mm (width)

〇Weight 27g (per piece)

〇Material 7075-T6 aluminum

-Hard anodized finish

-Can be used alone or in pairs

-Ultra-thin design that maximizes hub nut thread engagement and minimizes aero loss

-Can be used with 10mm hub nuts

-Double hole design with adjustable position

-Designed to be highly compatible with Runwell Elite HubNuts.



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