Bicycle Loan

About the use of installment payments

When it comes to major purchases like bikes, how do you usually pay?
Some prefer cash, while others lean towards credit or QR payments.
However, many think, "Is there an installment plan available?"

Rest assured.

At BROTURES, you can use 'Bike Loans' for installment payments across all our stores!

(only applicable for customers residing in Japan)

Whether you're buying a new bike or parts like carbon materials and wheels, which can be pricey, our Bike Loan can help manage the costs, potentially keeping your payments under 10,000 yen per month.

This option isn't just for in-store customers. Even if you're far away, you can apply for a Bike Loan through our online store, email, or social media.

Concerned about long-term payments?We offer an early full repayment option to ease this worry.

For example, you could opt for a 24-month installment plan and choose to pay off in full after a year.
This way, even if you've arranged a loan for two years, you can complete the payments in just one year if you're ready.
It's a solution for those thinking of paying in full but worried about tightening their budget or for those who find it challenging to prepare the entire amount right away. If this sounds like you, we highly recommend considering our Bike Loan option.

Lastly, check out our simulation with the popular LEADER 735TR model for a practical example of how Bike Loans can work for you

Simulation Date: 27/05/2023
Remaining Balance: 220,000yen
Number of Payments: 24 times
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 4.50%
Payment Date: Every 26th of the month
Payment Period: Jun 2023 ~ May 2025
Installment Fee : 10,450Yen
Total Amount Payable in Installments : 230,450Yen
First Payment Amount : 9,650Yen x 1 time
Amount of Subsequent Payments : 9,600Yen x 23 times