Brotures Original Pedal & Strap


購入金額 (税込)
¥6,600 または ¥183/月、 36回払い


Isn't it the initial pedal! ?

BROTURES original pedal & strap. I think it suits any bicycle with a simple design. Nylon straps are surprisingly hard and durable. You can easily adjust the size with Velcro.

The pedal is made of plastic and the color is black. Since it is designed assuming a strap installation, straps such as YNOTs that are thicker than the BROTURES original strap can be attached.

Pedal strap is an indispensable item for a piste bike. It is essential to skid and enables efficient pedaling. We made it at a simple price because it is not included in many finished cars. If you are a beginner, please remember the skid.

* Single item sales → pedalstrap

The manufacturing from the staff's perspective that can be reached to itchy places is Uri's original product. We share "I wish I could do it". The quality of peace of mind and the design that does not come out. We are developing products that cover street users widely from beginners to hard riders.


▪︎ Size: W100×L103 (effective tread L91)

▪︎ Weight: 375g



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