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The long -awaited BROTURES original hub

"It's not really good, but there's nothing wrong with it."
In recent years, parts are rising steadily.
When ordering a hand -assembled wheel, some people may not be able to go because the price of the hub was high.
We made Brotures original hubs with the aim of being gentle on your wallet and can be customized easily.

"The manufacturing from the staff's perspective that can be reached to the itch is a brotures original product.
We share "I wish I could do it".
The quality of peace of mind and the design that does not come out.
We are developing products that cover street users widely from beginners to hard riders. ""

Furthermore, as a spot color for 2024, "OIL SLICK" will be released only for 10 sets!

You can order a custom wheel with your favorite rim and hub, a spoke and a professional mechanic.
If you have any custom consultation or requests, please feel free to contact us from the following order form.


▪︎ Holes: F 20H or 32H / R 24H or 32H

▪︎ Weight: 210g / 250g

▪︎ Overlock nut: 100mm / 120mm (double cut FIX&FIX)

▪︎ Bearing: 6902RS cartridge bearing


▪︎ Nut: Bolt-on (6mm)

You can order custom-built wheels where you can choose your preferred rim, hub, and spokes, and our professional mechanics will hand-build each wheel to your specifications.
If you have any inquiries or special requests regarding customization, please feel free to contact us using the order form below.


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