Chrome Midweight Cycling Gloves



Sturdy, stylish and functional cycling gloves.
Midweight Cycling Gloves, which uses medium thick nylon, has a pad on the palm and thumb, so it is possible to operate the handlebar comfortably.
Compatible with touch panel.

25 years ago, using JUKI sewing machines, a small amount of Cordura fabric, and military-grade truck tarps, the first CHROME bag was created with unparalleled durability and functionality even when not riding a bicycle.

In pursuit of simplicity and practicality, CHROME arrived at the answer of incorporating recycled seatbelt buckles into messenger bags.

Equipped with innovative quick-release buckles, sub-straps, dual-wall construction, and five-bar webbing, CHROME products have grown to be beloved by messengers worldwide.

Though 25 years have passed since the brand's inception, there is no doubt in their determination to create convenient and durable products for professional messengers, urban athletes who enjoy tricks on fixed-gear bikes, and creative urban commuters.

Every bag, footwear, and apparel created by CHROME undergoes product testing on actual streets, ensuring that they adapt to the ever-changing and unpredictable urban environments.

CHROME's focus is not on fashion; it is a mobile tool.

That's why they use military-spec materials to create simple and functional products that can be used even when not riding a bicycle. They continue to make tools that embody a high sensitivity to adapt to urban life while ensuring durability to protect valuable belongings.

Yes, tools for living in the city.



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