Cinelli Vigorelli Track Steel Frame Set


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Chineri's "mother"

Cinelli has created the history of bicycles based on trucks and roads.
This VIGORELLI (Vigolelli) is enshrined as a standard single speed.
A model that was named after a bouquet and a bouquet of Vigorelli, a velodromi, a bouquet, when the founder, Cineli, won in Il Rombardia in 1939.

This VIGORELLI was mainly used by CINELLIXCHROME racing teams in criterium.
When it comes to racing models, it's hard to get on the city. 。 I feel that VIGORELLI is different.
To find a stable cornering with criteriums in the city with many steep curves, the fork offset is set to 45mm.
It has more stable track bikes and has a sharp handling characteristics required for criterium.
According to the words of Vice President Fabrizio Agito, the vice president's single -speed bike is located in the position of "mother" and "origin", from the words of the vice president Fabrizio Agito.

Although it is a long breath model, it is also characteristic that arrangements are added each time to satisfy the performance required for each era.
This year's model adopts a Columbus THRON steel, and the folk is a tapered carbon monocoque.
It is a very luxurious specification.

This VIGORELLI was developed for criterium.
It is an excellent frame that has a depth of pockets that can pursue style by assemble the urban -ride parts such as racing as well as racing.

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