Fabric Scoop Race Saddle


購入金額 (税込)
¥14,300 または ¥397/月、 36回払い


SCOOP is a multi -purpose saddle that can be used in all genres of modern cycling, flexibility and ergonomics.

The biggest feature is a new construction method that eliminates adhesives and staples, and a stylish design with a moist textured microfiber upper.

The upper has a moderate grip that does not hinder pedaling while holding the rider, and can be washed off immediately with water when it is dirty.

The perfect balance of comfort, performance, and concise is created by configuring with the upper and specially designed rails with a flexible base and a specially designed rail.

Three kinds of saddle profiles, various colors are selected. Depending on the riding posture, there are three curves, a flat -leaning posture, a shallow for the middle person, and a loose person, and different grades are available depending on the base material and rail material.

Race is titanium rail.

SCOOP: Versatility and Versatility

SCOOP is designed with innovative design and unique manufacturing methods, offering three different shapes to suit various riding styles. It embodies the ideal saddle that combines meticulous attention to shape, comfort, versatility, lightweight, and durability to accommodate different riding styles.

Flat is for flat out

FLAT is designed for an aerodynamic riding position. It features a slightly reduced padding surface, creating a flatter profile. The thin nose design reduces weight and allows for easier leg movement.

Shallow is for everyone

SHALLOW provides functionality and comfort for long rides and general riding scenarios. With its low-density foam, generously curved shape, and flexible base, it delivers comfort and supports performance.

Radius is for cruising

RADIUS is tailored for an upright and comfortable riding position. It allows riding on various surfaces, making it suitable for city commuting and leisurely rides. The rounded shape with a thicker padded section helps maintain balance under the direct weight of the rider.


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