H Plus Son AT-25 Archetype Rim



First choice if you build a hand -assembled wheel.

Familiar H Plus Son Aluminum Semi Aerolim.
The rim hats are 25mm and have a moderate volume, featuring a unique edge -effective semi -aero shape that makes you feel the atmosphere of the old days. The rim side is CNC processed, so it does not impair the braking force of the rim brake. The 23mm rim width can be attached with a slightly wider design than a general rim. The weight is 450g and the price is reasonable. Please use not only for piste bikes but also for roads and cyclocross bikes.

▪︎ Size: 700c

▪︎ Number of holes: 32H

▪︎ Rim height: 25mm

▪︎ Weight: 450g

▪︎ Material: 609alloy CNC

You can order custom-built wheels where you can choose your preferred rim, hub, and spokes, and our professional mechanics will hand-build each wheel to your specifications.
If you have any inquiries or special requests regarding customization, please feel free to contact us using the order form below.


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