Mate X


The first high-performance folding electric bicycle in Japan! Fully assembled and ready to ride right out of the box.

The first high-performance folding electric bicycle in Japan! Fully assembled and ready to ride right out of the box.

Regarding the latest stock status
Inquiry formPlease contact us more. is a Copenhagen in Denmark, the world's largest bicycle city, and is designed and designed with the feeling of "just like bicycles."
As an electric bicycle that is perfect for any rider, usage, and situation, we will expand the limits of the user.
If you leave the city and run off -road, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate freedom.

Supreme electric bicycle that combines various technologies

Mate X has a collection of electric bicycle technology that has not been introduced in Japan, such as full suspension, built -in battery, and wiring technology.
One of them is the Danish developer, who embodies the awareness of the problem, "I wish I could do more," while riding an electric bicycle in Copenhagen for many years.
As a result, there was no specifications of the decoration, and an electric bicycle was born that everyone was glad to have.

Fold it when you want

Mate X can be easily folded and compact in 3 steps.
When folded, it reduces 78cm in height, 103cm long, and 59cm wide (124cm in height, 180cm long, 65cm wide).
You can carry any place into an adventure stage because you can carry it to your favorite place.

Abundant color variations

Mate X has renewed the color scheme according to the design of the body that boasts an overwhelming presence.
Through coloring, I wanted to express the Mate X concept, "Freely free, a way that no one knows."
The new colors were sub -dude black (mats), white ice, burn orange, and dessert storms (mats).

Included items/ bundled items

・ Charger ・ 8 -speed shimano gear / computer dashboard ・ Mate X ・ Battery

* Mate. Bike bicycle body and battery have a two -year limited international manufacturer warranty. In this period, if a manufacturer's production defect is found, we will respond according to our warranty. Many bicycles can be damaged by normal driving or natural wear, so parts such as tires, disc brakes, chains, and brake pads are not eligible for warranty.

Mate. Manifesto

Mate. Bike is aiming for 100 % renewable energy and is working on Europe, especially in Denmark, which has become a reality.
Instead of cars and trains, Mate. Bike using 100%electric energy into part of your lifestyle"Cool", "Convenient", "Eco"With the concept of that, I hope that it will help to change society.

Pedal Assist

BrakesHydraulic Disc Brake
Tire Size20" x 4"
Shimano 8-Speed
Full Suspension
Thumb Throttle


Maximum Speed15mph (24.0 km/h)
Japan Road Legal

Color Display Compatible

Battery Output48V 11H
Assist Range (Max)80km or 120km
High-Speed Charger×
Battery Warmer×
Weight (excluding battery)57.3 pounds (26.0 kg)
Weight (including battery)62.8 pounds (28.5 kg)

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[Delivery of E-BIKE]
E-BIKE will be shipped via household goods delivery due to its weight and large size.
The delivery will be made with 100% assembly completed, but please note that we cannot specify the delivery time.
Also, please note that delivery may not be available in certain areas.
In such cases, we will consult with you.

For initial defects and warranty coverage, we adhere to the regulations of each manufacturer.
Please be sure to check before making a purchase.
※By making a purchase, you agree to these terms.


◆About the Product
MATE.BIKE is an imported product from Denmark. MATE.BIKE is based on a modular manufacturing background and uses parts from multiple suppliers. This ensures stable product supply and scalability. Therefore, it does not have a type certification. Please be aware that the color of the product on the website may vary slightly from the actual product. Some designs, specifications, prices, etc., may change without prior notice. Different specifications of parts may be used depending on the batch. These parts will have specifications equal to or greater than the published values.

MATE.BIKE determines whether damages, defects, malfunctions, or other damages are covered by the MATE.BIKE product warranty at its sole discretion.

◆Warranty Conditions
・This warranty applies only to the original owners of MATE.BIKE, unless otherwise specified by applicable mandatory laws.
・To make a warranty claim, you must complete the MATE owner registration within two weeks of bicycle delivery. Only warranty claims made by the registered owner are accepted.
・Warranty claims must be made within two months of the problem occurrence.
・This warranty only covers the replacement parts themselves and does not cover shipping costs or the cost of parts installation.
・Any warranty service or parts replacement performed by a bicycle retailer must be approved in advance by MATE.BIKE. No exceptions will be made. MATE.BIKE reserves the right to reject any warranty claims.

◆Exclusions from Warranty
It is the responsibility of the customer to regularly inspect the product and check the need for routine service and parts replacement.

・Damages or defects caused by non-compliance with the instructions in the user manual, modifications (customization), or improper assembly.
・Force majeure, accidents, misuse, abuse, neglect, excessive use, outdoor storage in the rain, commercial use.
・Normal wear and tear of MATE.BIKE or its parts (e.g., tires, inner tubes, brake pads, chains, etc.).
・Difficulties in assessing the condition of the affected area at the time of malfunction due to the use of MATE.BIKE after the occurrence of the defect or attempts to repair it independently.
・Damages to parts due to attempted repairs by repair shops with advanced knowledge of MATE.BIKE, except for repairs approved in advance by MATE.BIKE.
・Unauthorized modifications (customization) to MATE.BIKE or its parts.
・Damages caused by non-compliant specifications or settings of the bicycle and damages resulting from the use of such bicycle.
・Differences in color and texture between the product images on the website and the actual product, etc.
・Sensory events such as sounds or vibrations that do not affect functionality and usability.
◆14-day Limited Initial Defect Warranty
If a significant defect (one that significantly affects the owner's ability to operate the bicycle as intended) occurs in the MATE.BIKE within 14 days of the customer receiving it, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the defective parts of the customer's MATE.BIKE, or if it cannot be repaired, we will arrange for the entire MATE.BIKE to be returned and exchanged within a reasonable period of time.
As stated above, we will determine at our sole discretion whether a claim regarding damage, malfunction, failure, or other damages is due to a "significant defect." Repairs or replacements resulting from such defects will be covered by MATE.BIKE at our expense.

In the case of free replacement or return/refund, please keep the box and packaging materials in their original condition until the verification of the initial state is completed.
*If you do not have the box, we will arrange for pickup and delivery by a shipping company. Please note that you will be responsible for the associated shipping costs.
*Due to the size of the product, it may take some time to process the request.
*If the replacement item is out of stock, a refund will be provided. Please be aware of this.
*After receiving the product, please be sure to check its condition.

◆2-year Limited Parts Warranty
The following parts are covered by the parts warranty:
Frame / Display / Computer / Motor / Wiring / Battery (1 year)

For the above-mentioned parts, we guarantee that there are no material or manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the day the customer receives the MATE.BIKE. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

The following parts are not covered by the warranty due to the possibility of damage from normal usage and natural wear and tear:
Brakes / Tires / Forks / Rear Suspension / Stem / Handlebars / Grips / Seatpost / Saddle / Bottom Bracket / Crankset / Pedals / Rims / Spokes / Wheel Hub / Freewheel / Sprocket / Derailleur / Shifter / Wiring Harness / Kickstand / Reflectors and fixtures. Other consumables or items considered to wear out or deteriorate.
Accessory parts and optional parts are also excluded from this warranty.

The 2-year Limited Parts Warranty mentioned above covers only the replacement parts themselves and does not cover shipping costs or the cost of part installation.
If you believe that your MATE.BIKE requires repairs or if you believe that there is a problem, we recommend that you bring your MATE.BIKE to the nearest BROTURES store for assessment and support.

1-year Limited Battery Warranty
For lithium-ion batteries, we guarantee that there are no material or manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from the initial purchase date. As we cannot determine the battery's usage history, we cannot guarantee the battery's lifespan or reduction in charging capacity.

◆Coverage Area and Applicable Models for Warranty
This warranty applies only to bicycles used and sold within Japan. Therefore, if you take the bicycle overseas, the warranty will be voided at that point.

◆Warranty Process
Please contact the store where you made the purchase (BROTURES stores or online store) using the template below:

Buyer's Name:
Owner Registration (yes/no):
Purchased from:
Delivery Date:
Frame Number:
Storage Conditions:
Defect Description:

Based on the information provided, a representative will provide support regarding the defect. Please note that this does not guarantee 100% coverage. The resolution will be determined on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the manufacturer. Please understand this.



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