Nitto for Shred Bar φ25.4



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"Nitto" handle "for shred bar".
The word "SHRED" means cutting, but slang is also used when attacking trails on streets and MTB.
Based on the experience of surviving all motorcycles, it was finished in an angle that I thought was easy to handle with MTB, a fix, and any motorcycle, and was completed after a number of trail tests.
Rise with an exquisite height of 25mm, 6 degrees up, 3 degrees returned slightly in front.

It is a common feeling in terms of numbers alone, but if you set it on a little sleep, it is an angle that blends into your hand as comfortable as it is, achieving high control.

The material used for the steering wheel is nitto with the strongest intensity in Nitto, which is durable that can withstand intense riding.
The handle width has two types of 650mm and 720mm, and the 650mm is a golden ratio calculated independently.

The 720mm width is a size for those who enjoy trail rides on the MTB.
The logo is simply engraved with NITTO. It is a handle that can be recommended with confidence that the price, design, looks and control is balanced.

Made in Japan

▪︎Handle width: 650/750mm

▪︎Clamp diameter: 25.4mm

▪︎Grip diameter: 22.2mm

▪︎Rise: 25mm

▪︎Up sweep: 6°

▪︎Back sweep: 3°



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