Super73 ZG


A reasonable entry model is now available for that SUPER73!

購入金額 (税込)
¥275,000 または ¥7,639/月、 36回払い


A reasonable entry model is now available for that SUPER73!

May I get that e-bike?

SUPER73-ZG is a punchy and friendly entry-level electric bicycle.
The point is a sophisticated cruiser style design with long banana seats.

This unique ZG with a adjustable handlebar and a simple 3 -level speed option can be accessed to all rider profiles.
Recommended for those who are looking for an affordable electric bicycle that is unprecedented in urban landing.

* This product is sold on the premise of use in Japan. It will be delivered completely assembly. We do not provide cardboard boxes or export -related documents for overseas delivery. Please note that you can order beforehand.

【spec 】

Frame color: JET BLACK
Motor: Super73 48V 250W motor, satin black finish

Maximum speed: 24km / h (PAS)
Crown distance: 32-45km
* Distance that can be driven by one charge
* It depends on the driver's weight, the slope of the road, terrain, wind, etc.
* JP specifications (assist ratio equivalent to the Road Traffic Law)
Display: 3LED display
Electric pedal assist: Work by stepping on the pedal of three gears (ECO, MID, High).It is also possible to pedal without using an electric assist.
Brake: Mechanical brake
PAS sensor: Turk sensor
Hardware: Made of stainless steel
Pedal: alloy
Tires: Slick tires
Chain guard: Custom Steel Design
Kick stand: alloy
Throttle: None
Frame: Steel frame
Weight: 29kg
Maximum loading weight: 125kg
Battery embedded type
Battery charging time: 6-7 hours

[Universal mount bracket]
Standard bicycle accessories (drink holders, etc.) can be attached.

【size 】
Length (from the front of the front wheels to the back of the rear wheels): 162.5cm maximum dimensions: 162.5㎝ × 63.5㎝ × 99㎝
Width (handlebar): 62.5cm
Seat height: 71.2cmSeat length: 59.7㎝
High to handlebar: 96.5cm
Handlebar tubing: 2.2cm
Minimum ground height: 24cm

Waterproof connector
Weight: 2kg
High current (40A) BMS use

The battery is built into the sheet/cannot be removed for charging.

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[Delivery of E-BIKE]
E-BIKE is a large and heavy product, so it will be delivered through a household goods delivery service.
It will be delivered fully assembled, but please note that specific delivery time cannot be requested.
In some areas, delivery may not be available.
In such cases, we will consult with you.

[Warranty Information]
For initial defects and warranty coverage, the provisions of each manufacturer's policy will be followed.
Please make sure to check them before making a purchase.
※ By making a purchase, you agree to these terms.

[Regarding Warranty]


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