〇〇 suddenly.

Yesterday I went to Tama Lake a little and went to Lake Tama.
After all the waterside may be cool.
If you live around Kichijoji, from BROTURES Kichijoji
When you go and come back, the distance is moderate, so by all means.

Hi, I love the countryside.

By the way, we have already announced on Instagram, etc.
"Mate X" is available in small amounts from the popular E-BAIKE and Mate Bike.

I'm sorry for the sudden announcement, but ...

The colors arrived this time are as follows! !

Mate X 250 Interstellar

Gloss black, lame flakes, logo is a fancy hologram specification.

Earlier I received an inquiry, "Is this logo white?"
Please note that the color changes depending on the angle, not white.

Mate X 250 Dusty Army

Muddy smell for military lovers.
Custom is also ◎


Copper = bronze (bronze) Copper is popular with calm taste.

You have given great support from adult customers.

Mate X 250 Sterling Moss

Exquisite coloring called pale pink and green logo.
It is the only color scheme that is not flashy but does not suffer from people.

As mentioned above, this arrival is these four colors.

All colors are quite unique and are already fun from the time they are lost.
It's a great attraction of this abundant coloring Mate bike.

And it seems that it will be sold out already

Mate X 250 Jet Gray

There are still some gray gray after black.

That's why Mate Bike's order is by all means to BROTURES Kichijoji!
Not only customers living in the West Tokyo area, but also those who are far away are welcome.

It's sour, but
The chance of getting Mate Bike is sudden.
This time, it is a very small arrival that I can't really believe.
If you want it, please.


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