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Soccer fans, the European League has finally begun the season!

This summer, many star players transfer and reinforcement have been a hot topic, but I can't help but look forward to what season it will be.

Apparently, I am in Ono, a soccer kid of BROTURES Harajuku.


 By the way, the team I support is Real Madrid.

It is a powerful team where many star players are home to Madrid, the same Spanish capital, as Rotor, a cycle component brand.


This year, Dortmund won the England national team Jude Binggam, and it was just one goal in the opening game.

In terms of play style, I guess I added a kaka and Zidane and divided it with 2. Anyway, it's a good player.

Moreover, it is still 20 years old, only growth.

⚠️ This blog is about 20 % of soccer Pist 20 %

 By the way, I became a fan of Real Madrid from the 2011/12 season.

At that time, the broadcast of overseas soccer was not as widespread yet, and it will be uploaded to YouTube.I got information on highlight video and Yabecchi FC. lol


Anyway, Real Madrid at that time had good Mens.

Cassyjas to the guardian deity,

The DF line is Sergio Ramos, Pepe,Place Marcelo and Alberoa

The middle stage is Kedila, Shabiaronso, and Ezil.

And the front line was a scud with all the attack power lined with Ronaldo, Benzema and Dimaria.

Furthermore, Valan, Iguin, and Kaka are on the bench.A terrible player base if you think about it now. And the director is Mourinho, a special one.

In the domestic league, he won the championship with FC Barcelona, ​​which was said to be the strongest at the time.

It was only two of the European soccer history in the last 10 years, especially romantic, losing two times during the season.



At that time, the idol of the elementary school girl was CR7, Christiano Ronaldo.

Even though it is such a cool, soccer is good enough, and even such a man falls in love.

When he left Real Madrid in 2018, he was too shocked to see the game for a while ...
The Asar, which I acquired as a substitute after leaving Ronaldo, was really useless ...
Oh, it's bad. If you leave it as it is, it will end with just the story of soccer, so the next one will be next time.
I'm going to talk on my blog. lol
Well, let's talk about a fixie bike soon.
The frames to be introduced this time are from Real Madrid and Spain in the same country.



Around the handle and the suit post are aligned with the DSNV component, and of course the crank Rotor Vegast Track Crank Set Set

The saddle is freshly arrived Fizik Argo Tempo I chose the color and the color was perfect.

This kind of open -fit saddle comes from Repente and Selle San Marco, but it is easy to ride. If you usually have many long -distance rides, it is recommended because the stress on the buttocks is considerably reduced.

Broturs F35 x Philwood High Flange Track Hub
The wheels are set with a high -spec combination that combines F -rims to the king of the hub world that boasts high durability and high rotation rates that you know.
This wheel is cool. I really want it.
Firmly for cog PHILWOOD TRACK COG Is attached.
EURO ASIA is good, but if the hub is PHIL, PHIL is also a cog.
It is good not to select parts only with the performance of the thing, but to prepare it with a common brand like this.
I was distracted by the story of soccer, and the explanation of the body was shortened, but this time around here.
When you come to the store, you can forecast the champions league championship, or talk about the bearing performance of PHILWOOD TRACK HUB, so let's talk! Then.


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