Customer bike check!

Hello, I'm Kota.

Getting straight to the point, I received an order for a Pakipaki Custom from Detroit from someone who lives far away, so I took the opportunity to introduce it to you all!

The base color is the popular “Desert Yellow”

The basic component is DSNV.
We all know that it looks cool, and the performance is perfect, so if you're unsure how to assemble it, we recommend using this one.

Each part is light and durable, and the wheels spin smoothly.
By the way, I've tried riding this component on a car other than Dosnoventa, and to be honest, it's extremely easy to ride. lol

Don't shy away from LEADER users just because it's a different brand; if you're interested, please give it a try!

And if you're paying close attention to things like cranks and wheels, then of course you're also paying close attention to tires.

``CONTINENTAL'' is a German brand that we love and have many achievements, and among them, ``GRAND PRIX 5000'' is lightweight and has the best rolling performance.

I actually use it, or rather, I think most of the staff use it or have used it.
(If you plan to skid etc., GATORKIN is recommended for the rear)

I think anyone who uses this tire will be able to clearly see the difference.
"Light, low rolling resistance, comfortable ride, and durable."
The price is a little high, but when you look at the benefits mentioned above, I think people who haven't thought about it before are starting to take a little interest in it.
Cheap tires tend to wear out quickly and crack quickly, so from that point of view, they actually have excellent cost performance. I think people who usually commute to work would benefit from better tires, so please consider it the next time you change tires!

And the most important thing is the "no spacer".

Surprisingly, just changing the spacers can change the impression and positioning, so we also recommend customizing here.

Finally, the saddle that is directly connected to riding comfort is "Selle Italia"

I can't introduce each part in detail, but this is what it looks like this time.

First of all, it looks really cool.
Please let me say this over and over again. lol

A piste is cool, but we also care about performance.
Fixie bikes are a big reflection of the owner's tastes and preferences, so it's fun for us to build and maintain them.

We don't have a lot in stock, but we recently restocked a few of "Los Angeles" and "Detroit," so if you're considering it, please feel free to contact us!

Well then!

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