If you compare it, Ronaldinho

Do you know Ronaldinho?

If you are not familiar with soccer lovers, you will surely see this face.

Although he retired in 2018, he was activeFC Barcelona, Former professional soccer player who played an active role in Brazil as an ace.
It was a rare fantasista that attracted many fans with the technique of Brazilian -like threatening foot techniques and the creativity and playful play style.
The appearance of playing with characteristic long hair and smile is still burning into my mind.
In particular, the match that remains in my memory is this battle.
In the 2005-06 season, Ronaldinho scored two goals in this match when Real Madrid welcomed FC Barcelona. Especially dribbling started around the half line, the Sergio Ramos was dashed and the goal was cut off alone. (7:30〜)Is still a legend. I don't want to admit Madridista, but it was as if I was dealing with children.
Well, the reason why I decided to talk about Ronaldinho this time is that there is a fixie frame that gives off a special and unique atmosphere like him.
Barcelona, ​​the only steel frame in Dosnoventa frame.
It is a frame that can be a splendid trick, you can extremely speed up like an NJS, or make it a fancy city riding specification, and it shows various complexions.
By the way, Barcelona of purple color introduced this time. As you may have noticed, it does not appear in the inline model.
It will be a frame with the original painted in our shop, so it is genuine.One in the worldIt is only a gem.
One in the worldIt sounds good. Moreover, this mysterious and bewitching coloring, it fits the world view of Dosnoventa and is simple and cool.
And after all
・ Barcelona model name
・ The splendid tricks are cool and you can speed up
・ Fascinating look that attracts people
How about? There are many things in common with Ronaldinho! ? lol
Like himA unique style that does not add to the mold If you have this, I would like you to pick up this frame.
By the way, the price is ¥ 308,000-in Tax
If you think of Dosnoventa Barcelona, ​​which is the original paint, I think it's not a bad amount.
But it's not a cheap shopping. Alright, let's go through the bike loan.
If you pay 36 times, monthly¥10,000- Cut. With this amount, you will get a reality!
Please contact me immediately if you want. Because there is only one.
If you want to decide by actually looking at the color, please visit the store because the frame is on display at the store.
Oh, by the way, I scored again Belingham. it's the best. 2 goals.
Let's call it a day.


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