Challenge the next race with dosnoventa!

Hello everyone.
Koroures goori in Harajuku!
Did you go to CWC 2023 at the Nissan stadium?
The messenger game in which each country compares the delivery skill has risen through two days, but it was not so much lost to such a main race.

It is a race that is considerably crazy from the ordinary person that it is not possible to participate in the race of this race which is only participation of the piste bike in the fixed gear, and it is not possible to participate, but this race really rises. Laugh

It is a translation that a familiar member is participating in the race here several times throughout the year in the race, but this race will participate in the race of the fierce people in the world.

By the way, two people of dosnovta rider participated in the battle.
This time, the light aluminum frame of Los Angeles and the carbon frame Toyoko participated in the race.

And this time, I will introduce the Los Angeles which madnus rider who was riding rider.

Dosnoventa actually disgusting raceUseDo you know the frame?
Dosnoventa's brand name means 290 in Spanish.
This is also connected to the height of the BB height of the body directly, and the height from the ground to BB is 290mm and it is considerably higher than other frames.
This makes it possible for the pedal to bend smoothly from the ground and bend smoothly.
Thanks to this, I think that it is a very good frame in the race that always runs at the top speed with the nook rake like the clip race.
In fact, it is a big change in the order of the race when it reaches the corner and many players decelerate.
If you are a dosnoveta, you can bend the body from BB height just like dosnoventa and bend it.

The entry was done in the drop handle to the race regulation this time.
For other parts, the crank of the rotor that doesn't stop by dosnovta rider and set the original carbon wheel in front and back, and it is set in the quite powerful settingMagnus has worked hard!
There are many people who set the crank of rotor among race participants
If you are looking for speed, roter crank is looking for speed!

This timeWe introduced Los Angeles to race race.
Next time, I will introduce the body of gerra of handsome boy of the handsome race as a race specification, so please wait for the enjoyment.
If you look at cmwc and want to participate in the race, please get donoventa as soon as possible.

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