Surely my piste bike life starts with thi...

The beginning was 2011.

"Pedal Consumption" and "Leader", a portal site specializing in bicycles

Both models called Kagero, which were collaborated by San Diego, collaborated and gave birth.

The frame to be introduced today is the elements required as a piste bike




It is no exaggeration to say that it is the highest peak frame that combines this.

If the three major duties of the people are education, work, and tax payment, this is the three major duty of fixes.

I would like to introduce the store manager, who met Kagero and wanted to ride Kagero, and did not need it.


After all, as an indispensable factor in purchasing a piste bike, it must be described simplicity.

Unlike road bikes and cross bikes, it is a single speed that does not incorporate a shifting system.

The undercarriage, around the gear, and around the handle are definitely refreshing and beautiful.

I'm not a minimalist, but I feel like I chose a fixie bike because I fell in love with this cleanliness.

Of course, it would be easier and more convenient with gears.

The times have evolved, and there is now an ETAP sage who can change the gear by electric.

But I wanted to resist such wisdom. Lol It's not that you need.

It doesn't matter if you have anything. I thought so.

I could say that it was in the frame, but I was worried that I wanted aluminum but only macho frames.

Piste bike! If you hear the word, it is such a simple one to imagine with conditional reflection.

(The story of this bicycle will be very long, so I will save money. I wanted it, lol)

It is slender, playing well, with a very short handle. The opposite of Leader's worldview.

However, this kind of slender frame was made of iron, so I was unbearable because I was worried about rust and other deterioration in the outer pipe.

It's an expensive bicycle that costs more than 100,000 yen.

So I met a convenient frame, saying, "Aluminum! Slim! Style is good!"

I was from a technical high school, so I had some knowledge of metal materials.

After all, I found Kagero found that the iron frame was useless if I could keep it outside.

Because the pipe is a little thicker than the chromoly, it has a good and modern image.

And the look that has fallen before is a little aggressive and better.

There are claims everywhere, but it's much simpler than the aero frame, close to the image of a fixie bike I had.

Now it has evolved into carbon forks, but I also like the Alpina Folk era.

And above all, lighter. Because it is aluminum. It doesn't rust. Yes, the point. I decided to purchase in the flow.

Many brands now have this kind of fixie bike, but this look was hard to do at the time.

The moment I met Kagero, the options of cantra, piscon, and venom disappeared at once.

I started walking with Kagero, lightly, slender, looks, and successfully.


This is hard to convey. You can't understand unless you get on it.

I thought about riding a lot of Leader and other brands.

If you use this quickness into words, it will respond to the command and start moving.

If you compare it with a bicycle, "Pow a pedal and the bicycle starts running."

Hmm, it's hard to convey. smile

For example, it is said that it is 0.25 seconds or less before the brain knows that the ball hits the skin and it hurts, but ...

This is human reaction speed. Kagero has a faster reaction speed ...

Hmmm, it's hard to convey.

In other words, a frame that has a good response to the rowing force to the rear wheels and is power. And summarize.

It can be said that it is a benefit of the hardness of the material and the design of the frame.

Initially, it was made using a very hard aluminum material called the 7000s.

Because it is hard, there is no extra deflection, and the power passed to the pedal is informed to the rear wheel without loss.

The initial speed is fast, even if the pale power of the impact is inferior to the 6000s.

This effect was really great for using a signal every 50m.

The rest is design, geometry.

If you list it personally, "F" and "I"

The BB drop of "F" adopts 50mm often used in track racers.

To earn BB Height when driving a bank corner.

Speaking of urban areas, when turning the corner in a comedy city, you can. I think this is the main reason.

Although it is a little lacking stability, it is a value that is good at using it in Tokyo.

Next is the "I" chain stay.

This is extremely short among the frames handled by BROTURES. This may be more distinctive than the front down.

Basically, if the wheelbase is long, it faces a long distance, making it easy and easy to ride.

Conversely, if it is short, small turns will be used and control is high.

For this reason, "I" will be listed as an appealing point of Kagero rich in quickness.

Furthermore, if this chain stay is short, you will feel the feeling that it is hard and lighter.

It is not a cruiser bike that is usually easy to ride, but you can run quickly and ride crispy.

If you use Nagashima's words, it would be the correct expression.

I personally feel that this element is a factor that produces quickness.

There are still more, but it's too long, so be omitted. smile

In this way, from the purchase to the present, I have been using Kagero for more than 10 years.

Honestly looks and quickness, there is affection that can't be talked about, but if you can talk in the shop. smile

And the opening statement has become very long, but this time the new color of Kagero has been released.

Tyrant Bikes Kagero Ceramic White Frame Set ¥ 132,000 (in Tax)

Kagero is a monotone that was very requested by existing customers.

Everyone who always comes, please buy it. smile

A frame consisting of a strange gimmick on the coloring, and the logo is simple and almost black.

Because of the simple, the rider's sense is likely to appear in Moro.

Let's decide while consulting with you if you like. Kagero may be a little longer for customers. smile

We are looking forward to your inquiry, visit the store.



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