The most popular wheel "SHRED88" is avail...

Track drop to carbon diprim, which is synonymous with a rider called Emi Brown, a signboard rider from the founding of Leader®︎.


I was inspired by SHRED88, and today we have made one such unit for sales.

Leader Bike 735tr EMI Brown Custom ¥ 248,000 (excluding tax)

A custom bike that keeps the finished car parts left as much as possible and reduces the budget. With the extreme decrease in air resistance, you can get surprisingly light propulsion.

I want you to flow the city like this.

Emi Brown Pt. 1 from A Wi Mer ON Vimeo.

And it started last monthBike loan interest fee free campaign. This car body is also eligible because it is free of 200,000 yen or more and 24 times payment. The example of the breakdown is as follows.

If you want a fee, you want to reduce monthly payments, how about paying 36 times?

In case of 36 payments

In this way, the number of bi -loans isCan be specified from 6 times to up to 60 timesis. I don't have any money now, but I just want to get on the fix. Recommended for such people.

Regarding the mechanism of the detailed bike loan→ Click here ←

Let's get a fixie bike this summer and go to various scenes! !

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