Happy New Bike Day!

Last month, I was very grateful for the sudden arrival of AFFINITY. There were a lot of long -awaited customers, and I traveled with tremendous momentum, but I'm sorry I couldn't introduce it. Most of the frame replacement order.
Among them, there were many projects for frame replacement from Leader 725TR to Affinity Lopro. It is interesting to think that a bold trip with a pee from San Diego to Brooklyn is a fixie bike. I think many leaders are carbon wheels custom, but it is cool to replace the wheels with a slender steel frame. Even if the parts are the same, if the frame is different, it is a completely different vehicle. Wouldn't it be possible to enjoy the piste more deeply?
This is perfect. It is a custom -made LO Pro that you chose parts from scratch. Fillet model of the 10th anniversary. There was only one S size that we could arrive at our company, so there was a very good connection. The owner who originally likes MTB. The rotating parts are unprecedented with Philwood and Chris King. Recently, the number of completed cars (complete bikes) has increased, and it has become easier to buy cospa, but in many cases it can only be done roses. For example, LOPRO can be ordered from around 200,000 yen, but you can do various custom variations even in the same 200,000, and it will be a bicycle with only one in the world. I need a little meeting and time to assemble it, but if you can see it as fun, I want you to think about it! There are many bicycles that can only be assembled.

In December, frames suitable for frame replacement and custom -made will arrive.

First, I introduced yesterdayCINELLI VIGORELLI SHARK ¥ 125,000-

An aero -based frame that is rare in chineri. I was able to prepare a test ride from yesterday, but please try it once. Quick and lightness feeling. My impression is that it works well. I want you to ride it even if you don't want to buy it because it's so good. Is the arrival about next week? We are accepting reservations. There is also a novelty gift this month in commemoration of the release, so for detailsHerePlease check.

Scheduled to be restocked next weekLeader Bikes Kagero ¥ 120,000-

A frame that is not an exaggeration to say that it is a masterpiece of the leader. Unusually, the pisto uses 7046 aluminum, so the lightest aluminum frame during our lineup. It is the most popular frame in the past for products sold separately. This is just one year in stock. Rarity, which only has about 100 bottles a year, has spurred popularity. We have already received a lot of reservations, and we have a lot of feeling to wait, but please enjoy it soon. The popular S size is expected to be sold out immediately, so if you are about 170cm tall, you can make a reservation. Other


KORY YORK K2 ¥ 150,000-

Affinity Metropolitan ¥ 78,000-

etc. High quality frame groups are available. And it is a rumor that Dosnoventa is full. December is the month when the best frame is available in one year. If you are considering frame replacement and custom -made, please look forward to it! Junki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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