Started a brand in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 2010. Without relying on inexpensive mass production or mechanization and manufacturing Bike brand that focuses on handmade frames by craftsmen From Dosnoventa (Dosnobenta), the long -awaited new aluminum frame LOS Angeles Is now on sale.

Color: Santa Monica Santa Monica night with friends. A colorway reminiscent of the night view of Santa Monica Pia shining toward the sea.
Color: Venice Beach Early morning to surf at Benis Beach. A colorway that expresses the color of the sky of Venice, which gradually becomes brighter from the darkness of jet -black. Los Agngels brands are aluminum flagship models. The successor model of HOUSTON, which was the most popular. Geometry and tubing, while following the HOUSTON design It is an all -round frame that adds further evolution to details such as painting. Of course, the pipe is the highest peak of aluminumColumbus Air PlaneAdopted.
From this time, sales on Complete Bikes have started. The wheel crank is MICHE. Other parts are assembled Cinelli. A completed car excluding the pedalTotal weight 7.1kg. It is a pretty high -spec finish for a complete bike. ・ DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES COMPLETE BIKES ¥ 249,000- (+Tax) DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles "Venice Beach" Complete Bike Dosnoventa Los Angeles "Santa Monica" Complete Bike ・ Frame Set ¥ 149,000- (Tax) Dosnoventa Los Angeles "Venice Beach" Frame Set Dosnoventa Los Angeles "Santa Monica" Frame Set
The size development is S (50), M (54), and L (58). Probably S and M size will be relatively fast. If you are interested, be as soon as possible. Dosnobenta is always sold out.
DOSNOVENTA GENESIS from Dosnoventa ON Vimeo.
Of course, installment payments are also available. ・ In the case of a frame set
・ In the case of a completed car
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