The strongest at the end of 2018.

Hello, this is Kazama. InstagramBut I announced today, but today's glue pride will be postponed due to rain. 。 。 I was preparing the pot ... I'm looking forward to asking for next time !! The other dayblogBut I announced, but I am holding a Brotures Kichijoji garage sale for 3 days from today !! Please drop in when you come near. Is the highlight of today?
[USED] BROTURES SHRED88 Back/¥ 65,000+Tax By the way, today we will introduce a special 735TR custom bike with no gap at the end of 2018. A luxurious one using HED. Leader Bikes 735tr Hed.Custom
¥ 600,000+tax This custom bike has an overwhelming presence as you can see from the photos. A combination of HED. The compatibility with the 735TR's very thick aero tube is ◎
Kichijoji store limited"Reflector decal"It takes some time for delivery, but we accept it.
¥ 10,000+tax Although it is an expensive setting for the first bike, if you are looking for a lifetime buddy, please feel free to contact us. The part that has jumped out of your budget can be paid for no split fee ◎ I don't want to compromise if I get on it, I want to keep riding for a long time. If you are looking for such a pist, please feel free to contact us. Then we are waiting at the store today. ↓ Click here for inquiries ↓
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