Snowboard is released from DOSNOVENTA!

DOSNOVENTA, which demonstrates its design not only for bicycles but also in other fields such as apparel and sundries, is released this time! That should be it. The owner, Juanma PoZO GARCIA, is a former Prosno Borderer and still goes to the mountains of Andra every year at Dosnoventa Crue. Such an original board is finally born. Two models of collaboration boards with "Easy Snowboards", a snowboard brand of Madrid, Spain, like DOSNOVENTA. Both the all -round Bo and the big powderboard, ORIGIN, are both high -end models in the Easy Snowboards model, but Folk is usually more common to choose these two models to match all weather and all uses. A model that is suitable for use and inherits traditional snowboards suitable not only for free rides on the barn but also for park rides and jib. Origin is located on a powder board that specializes in stability at high speed, and is the best board for back counties and deep powder snow. If you are thinking about purchasing a snowboard this season, please consider it! DOSNOVENTA X EASY SNOWBOARDS FOLK ¥ 54,900 (excluding tax) DOSNOVENTA X EASY SNOWBOARDS ORIGIN ¥ 64,900 (excluding tax)
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