After a week, settle down to the royal road.

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This frame, which has been designed with Santa Monica's fantastic magic hour as a motif, is one that shows a calm expression, unlike a flashy first impression. Even if I assembled it with black parts, I didn't have much to look at it. For this, take off the hat for DOSNOVENTA. This time, I set up this frame with a royal carbon wheel. Click here for specifications ↓

handle:DEDA ELEMENTI ZERO100 Stem:DEDA ELEMENTI ZERO100 STEM Saddle: Fizik KURVE Seat post:DEDA ELEMENTI SUPERLEGERO RS SeatPost crank:SUGINO SG75 144 Crank Chain ring:SUGINO MC144NC Black Chainring F Wheel:BROTURES T3 Pro Carbon Wheel R wheel:BROTURES SHRED60 CARBON WHEEL

Royal roads tend to be avoided by heavenly evil demons, but that is evidence that the perfection is high. I would like you to try a custom like this time at least once. The custom of the fixie bike has a small number of parts, so it is easy to understand the good or bad. It's deep and interesting to look for which parts are good for me. If you are a beginner, please consult with our staff who are trying many parts. I will propose to meet your wishes. Click here for this custom and loan simulation.
Approximately ¥ 35,000 per monthYou can get on! Please tell us if you have any questions such as payment style and number of times. How about assembling a piste bike that you can get along with without compromise? And the customers who have purchased now are given a Brotures mini -carl sticker from the Kichijoji store.
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product.
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