DOSNOVENTA LOSAGELS "Santamonica" Immedia...

BROTURES head shop Harajuku, where the fixie bikes ordered from each country are crowded. Among them, Spain, which is popular, is a brand Dosnoventa from Barcelona. And this "Losangels" is the successor to the "HOUSTON" that reigned as an icon of the brand. This time, I used the frame to make the same day delivery body so that I could immediately get out of this best season. As a feature of this custom, we focused on the custom of the undercarriage and assembled the concept of rigidity -specific city riding.
The hub has customized the rigidity of the American brand "Philwood Pro Track" produced in San Jose, California. In addition, this Protrack model is different from ordinary PHILWOODA flange with a round hole called RLR flange, Furthermore, using titanium bolts, succeeded in 150g lighter than normal large flange And even though it's just a rotating hub Use carbo night bearing specialized in rotating performance It is a custom with a light, turning, durable, three beats! By the way, not limited to this blue,The color of the color itself is rare every time and is rare! PHILWOOD PROTRACK Front ¥ 38,800- (+Tax) PHILWOOD PROTRACK REAR ¥ 41,800- (+Tax)
The handle is carbonble hornCustom, easy to hold, lightness, and appearance of DEDA DABAR are all perfect. DEDA DABAR ¥ 24,000 - (+tax) And the stem is the rigidity Pikaichi Thomson X4 It looks good, has good rigidity, and is kind to your wallet.Excellent cost performance at the price Thomson X4 ¥ 10,000- (+Tax)
Furthermore, the seat post is unified with Thomson There are two types of seat posts, elite, masterpiece, and an elliptical elite. The masterpiece used this time has been reduced to the limit and is lighter. Thomson Master Piace ¥ 16,000- (+Tax) The saddle was contained in Fizik Arione, which has been gaining great support from cyclists. By the way, this ARIONE and Brotures users have actually received a reputation. Remember in Arione when you are in trouble! smile Fizik ARIONE ¥ 13,660- (+Tax) One of the goodness of a fixie bike is that you can customize it freely There is no correct answer, and you can enjoy your favorite parts and style, so please contact us once! Kiyo It can be purchased by mail order,Parts can be installed in installmentsbecame. If you are worried, the staff will answer your kind, so please feel free to ask. For detailed contents of bike loans→ Last time blog ←Please confirm. ◼︎Brotures Harajuku ◼︎ Click here for inventory status/order phone call Click here to call the store Click here for email
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