The custom packed is also an ant.

This time, I will introduce a custom bike of Los Angeles from DOSNOVENTA. LA was often custom -made, but this time we customized it.

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Santa Monica H3 Custom ¥ 459,800 (+tax)

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flame:Dosnoventa Los Angeles "Santa Monica" Frame Set Handle: FSA Gossamer Compact RoadDropbar Stem: DEDA ELEMENTI ZERO100 TEAM STEM Saddle: Fizik KURVE Seat post:DEDA ELEMENTI SUPERLEGERO RS SeatPost crank:SUGINO SG75 144 Crank F / R Wheel:HED H3
HED is the indispensable thing in the custom scene of Dosnoventa. This time, which is not a deep Jet series, but this custom with H3 elegantly before and after. You will not usually see the city and see it. H3, the highest peak of 3 baton, is a high -end wheel designed using aviation mechanics. I want to install it someday! Yes, H3 is what everyone speaks. And the H3 used this time, but now you can't get it! Before and afterLast oneSpecial because it only remains10 % OFFI will release it! ! There is still! What a last one La Santa Monica! It will take some time until the next lot, so if you get it sure, it's a chance! If you loan this custom this time, it looks like this.
It's a custom that you can't see very much, so it's okay to be a chilly half. Please play at the store ◎ Then. "Bike to Work" Have you checked it already? Don't forget those who haven't yet !!
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