Garage sale will be held this weekend !!

I will tell you again on Instagram, but I will announce it again. BROTURES Kichijoji will hold a garage sale for two days from tomorrow.

A garage sale that has been held several times in the past and has been popular every time.
Until now, there were many parts, but this time we also have a car body that can be purchased at a great deal. In addition, we have a wealth of used parts unique to Kichijoji. "I can only go on Sunday !!"For the customer, I would like to change the assortment of the product slightly this time. It will be held on the weekend, and it is expected to be crowded, so please come to the store with some time. Of course, it will be open normally, so please feel free to contact us for maintenance and repair requests. We look forward to your visit. OUTLET mail order site has been opened !!
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