From DOSNOVENTA, the 2019 SS capsule coll...

On April 24, 2019 (Wednesday), Dosnoventa will release the CLUB capsule collection ahead of the bicycle season. A total of 6 types, from design to production in Barcelona, ​​long sleeve T -shirts and photo T -shirts focusing on Made in Barcelona. From today, it will be released at each BROTURES store on the 24th.
"BrotherHood" Dat Hat ¥ 3,900-

BrotherHood Hoodie ¥ 11,900-
"Chaos" L/S T-Shirts Black ¥ 5,500-
"Chaos" L/S T-Shirts White ¥ 5,500-
"BrotherHood" L/S T-Shirts Black ¥ 5,500-
"BrotherHood" L/S T-SHIRTS WHITE ¥ 5,500-
Patch 01 X LOGO ¥ 1,800-
Patch 02 DSNV GLOBE ¥ 1,800-
Patch 03 LOGO ¥ 1,800-
DSNV Socks ¥ 1,800-
Brothers Hood Sweatshirts Black ¥ 9,900-
Brothers Hood Sweatshirts White ¥ 9,900-
New York T-Shirts ¥ 4,500- What are the questions?DOSNOVENTA sitePlease check more. ◼︎Brotures Harajuku ◼︎ Click here for order What's about Dosnoventa A frame maker that represents Europe born in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 2010. A motorcycle brand that focuses on handmade frames by craftsmen without relying on inexpensive mass production and mechanization and manufacturing. What is born by the advanced technology of skilled craftsmen in Northern Italy is the unique frame that can be said to be art works that cannot be achieved by mass production. The frame designed for street racing such as Red Hook Crit has a higher BB position so that it can be used better even on town riding, and sets a small fork offset, and the entire frame is designed more compactly. In addition, Dosnoventa's unique commitment that other brands have. The creative crew is a designer brand composed of musicians, filmers, photographers, etc.
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