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The third day of GW. It looks like a heaven today, but it looks like it rains tomorrow the day after tomorrow. It is difficult to ride a bicycle in the rain, so let's finish maintenance and custom today ◎ By the way, here is the custom bike to be introduced today.

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles "Venice Beach" Custom ¥ 324,100 (+tax)

La Venice Beach, released as a successor to a flagship model by DOSNOVENTA It is designed to enjoy a wide range of customs according to the user's situation. This time, it was finished in a custom that can ride comfortably with high specifications ◎ Click here for detailed specifications.
flame:Dosnoventa Los Angeles "Venice Beach" Frame Set handle:Thomson Carbon Riser Bar Stem:Thomson Elite X4 MTB STEM saddle:Tioga Spyder Stratum Seat post:Thomson Elite SeatPost Crank set:MICHE PISTARD AIR CRANK SET wheel:Easton R90 SL RIM x PHILWOOD HIGH FLANGE Track Hub Custom Wheel
I used Thomson for the handle around and the seat post, and aimed for trouble. The accuracy and lightness of the clamp part, and the strength to be used in MTB downhills, etc. It is an excellent manufacturer with no dissatisfaction. It is too much of an honor and lacks fun, but it is important to be able to ride with confidence. Recommended for the first custom ◎
Easton R90 SL RIM x PHILWOOD HIGH FLANGE Track Hub Custom WheelF/48,800 (+tax) r/51,800 (+tax) The wheels are set with a hand -set wheel, which combines the highest rim Easton R90 and PHIL WOOD. I don't say anything anymore. The price is reasonable, but I take off my hat over that. A rim hat that considers 27mm aerodynamics, and high rigidity and lightness. The explanation was similar to Thomson, but it's a really good rim ◎ Since it is a rim hub that is not available in the complete group, it can be said that it is the highest peak wheel unique to the hand group. Recently, the number of people who are assembled by hand is increasing ◎ The combination is infinite, from astringent to the royal road. If you enjoy the custom as much as you can, you will not be able to remove the hand group wheel. One wheel is exciting in the world ◎ Please try it. Then. Click here for GW limited topics!
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